NHL Power Rankings: Bruins continue slide as Leafs start picking up steam

We've officially made it to the NHL's Christmas shutdown, which is a great time to seriously examine where teams are at and where they can go moving forward. But instead of doing that, we're going to get into the spirit of things and use this week's Power Rankings to compare every NHL team to a Christmas movie.?

Let's face it... we're right in the thick of the holiday season and most of you are probably already mentally checked out anyway. You don't want to work hard and neither do I, so why don't you just throw on your Christmas jammies, make some cocoa and use this week's rankings to have a nice warm, tender smile by the fire?

We'll get back into some more serious evaluations and look ahead to 2020 next week but the holidays only come once a year so let's use the occasion to have some fun. Just remember, if you complain about this week's installment then you're definitely getting coal. Enjoy your holiday festivities and we'll see you on the other side once the league kicks back into action after the break.

Biggest Movers
4 Maple Leafs
5 Sharks
1 Capitals "Polar Express" - This train ain't stopping 'til it reaches the top and makes you believe. --31-11-5
2 Avalanche "The Santa Clause" - With all of their injuries this year, it's really been a "next man up" mentality. Luckily, none of those players have died after falling off a roof. --25-15-6
3 Blues "A Christmas Story" - After a slew of misadventures and enduring plenty of bullying, they finally got the greatest gift they could have asked for. 230-10-7
4 Islanders "Miracle On 34th Street" - Some magical guy (Barry Trotz) comes in and has everyone constantly questioning if what he's doing is for real. 128-13-4
5 Bruins "Bad Santa" - Generally viewed as dirty and disliked, but they command respect among the greats. 127-9-12
6 Penguins "Die Hard" - Injuries have laid siege to the team but somehow they just won't, you know, die. --29-12-5
7 Hurricanes "The Grinch" - Jerks. --27-17-2
8 Coyotes "Deck the Halls" - Get it? Because Taylor Hall? Also, Phil Kessel might be the closest thing the NHL has to Danny DeVito. 126-18-5
9 Flyers "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" - Simply because Yukon Cornelius looks like he'd play for the Flyers. 224-16-6
10 Golden Knights "The Christmas Chronicles" - Relatively new and completely preposterous but a whole lot of fun. 224-19-6
11 Maple Leafs "Love Actually" - Has a really great cast and a ton of devoted fans but it's actually kind of a huge mess. 425-16-6
12 Jets "Home Alone" - A poor boy (Connor Hellebuyck) abandoned by his family (defense) is forced to protect his home (net) from an onslaught of attacks. 425-18-4
13 Panthers "Scrooged" - On Christmas Eve, Dale Tallon is visited by a series of ghosts who give him a chance to re-evaluate his actions and right the wrongs of his past. (Aka signing Sergei Bobrovsky.) 324-16-5
14 Stars "A Christmas Prince" - Hear me out..."A Christmas Hintz." 427-15-4
15 Flames "Fred Claus" - A story about a devilish older brother who can't stop causing trouble. Sound familiar, Tkachuk family? 125-18-5
16 Wild "Holiday In The Wild" - Pretty self-explanatory, folks. 320-20-6
17 Lightning "Christmas Vacation" - Much like Clark's Christmas bulbs, their electricity doesn't seem to be working this year. --28-14-4
18 Predators "Office Christmas Party" - Like the Preds, it's got a pretty strong cast but isn't anything special. Like Preds' home games, it's basically just an insane party where things get out of hand. 421-17-7
19 Canucks "Babes In Toyland" - Features a couple of great up-and-coming stars but the experience feels like a bizarre, incomprehensible acid trip. 125-18-4
20 Canadiens "Frosty The Snowman" - A story of things snowballing, melting and then somehow still surviving and finding magic again. 320-20-7
21 Sabres "It's A Wonderful Life" - Jack Eichel briefly got to see what things would look like if he didn't exist and, hoo boy, it wasn't pretty. 321-19-7
22 Oilers "Christmas with the Kranks" - The story of two people who are over-relied on, face too much pressure and just want to get the hell out of town. 325-18-5
23 Rangers "Elf" - An adorable foreigner comes to live in New York and discovers, "wow, it's a nice city." 222-19-4
24 Blue Jackets "A Christmas Carol" - John Tortorella as Ebenezer Scrooge? It's almost too perfect. 123-16-8
25 Blackhawks "Home Alone 3" - A once-proud franchise quickly tumbles mightily into embarrassment. 221-20-6
26 Senators "Black Christmas" - Takes place in Canada and is a horror story. 216-22-8
27 Kings "The Night Before" - A group of old pals try to keep up tradition only to watch it all slowly unravel. 218-25-5
28 Ducks "Let It Snow" - Just a bunch of nonsense mostly starring random kids and one old person (Ryan Getzlaf). 217-24-5
29 Sharks "Ernest Saves Christmas" - Just kidding, they can't save anything. 521-23-4
30 Devils "Home Alone 2" - They're lost in New Jersey. Close enough. --17-22-7
31 Red Wings "Jingle All The Way" - Just some guys doing whatever they can to get their hands on the year's top toy. --12-32-3

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